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Using OTC products is an affordable treatment option for consumers and the entire US healthcare system because it allows people to self-treat for minor ailments and cuts down on unnecessary medical costs .
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Social determinants of health are the non-medical factors of healthcare that account for up to 80 percent of health outcomes

Our solutions will help you address these non-medical factors and support your members in unique and necessary ways.

Factors such as access to education, language skills or food insecurity could have a detrimental effect on a patient’s ability to follow treatment plans and ultimately lead to increased global cost of care.
  • OTC benefits are offered by 3,800 Medicare Advantage (MA) plans for 2021
  • 2020 to 2021 saw a 243% increase in MA plans offering food/grocery benefit
  • Those 347 MA plans have 1.905 million members CURRENTLY enrolled
  • The total market opportunity, if consistent with OTC penetration, would be between $7.5 billion - $12.5 billion
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